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New GW Sanctus Reach Teaser Video

New GW Sanctus Reach Teaser Video

I’ve made some speculations before that GW is launching into some major “narrative” / “campaign” under the Sanctus Reach-title, starting with next week’s Red Waaagh!, as well as allegedly including the new Realm of Battle terrain.

Now there’s a little YouTube-teaser to go with it!

Games Workshop Sanctus Reach Teaser Video Thoughts?

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Alan and Michael Perry Allegedly Left Games Workshop

Alan and Michael Perry Allegedly Left Games Workshop


Voices on the interwebz – including Frothers and Beasts of War – are saying that two of GW’s most famous miniatures sculptors apparently left GW (for good?). Alan and Michael Perry are said to be no longer working at Lenton.

Via Dakkadakka

So apparently, according to Frothers, the Perry’s left their job at GW this week. No official details about wether the split was amicable or not are…

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Unboxing the TIE Phantom Expansion Pack for X-Wing

Unboxing the TIE Phantom Expansion Pack for X-Wing

TIE Phantom Unboxing Wave 4 for the X-Wing Miniatures game arrived. There are several interesting new ships in the mix, but none more so than the sneaky, cloaking Imperial stealth fighter, the TIE Phantom.

I definitely had to get myself one of those. The TIE Phantom is a great little ship/expansion that breaks the “standards” established in X-Wing in interesting ways.

#1 – The TIE Phantom Expansion Pack

TIE Phantom Tokens Maneuver DialLike all…

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Ork Warboss Grukk Miniature Spotted

Ork Warboss Grukk Miniature Spotted

Pictures that appeared on Facebook, over at the Mexican Ork, which are said to be the last miniature for the current Ork release, the new named Ork Warboss Grukk Face-Rippa, who is set to take the main stage with the upcoming Red Waaagh! supplement.

Grukk Face-Rippa

Let me know what you think!


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The Sanctus Reach Mystery .. And What It Means For Orks & Space Wolves

The Sanctus Reach Mystery .. And What It Means For Orks & Space Wolves

Space Wolves vs. Orks

It is clear that – after the release of 7th Edition – Games Workshop is once again tinkering with the way they release new armies and miniatures. Orks had an unprecedented 5-week run, with another week and a ‘Red Waaagh!’ supplement in the making.

1. Piece of the Puzzle – The Red Waaagh!

The first piece of the puzzle is the upcoming book (?) on the Red Waaagh!.

To me, the announcement came a…

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A Look At White Dwarf Weekly #22 - Meganobz!

A Look At White Dwarf Weekly #22 – Meganobz!

White Dwarf 22 cover

The great 2014 Ork Waaagh! is not over yet. White Dwarf goes into week five of Ork releases, previewing new Meganobz and the Ghazghkull supplement to everyone picking up a new Ork Codex in person at a Games Workshop store today.

#1 – New Meganobz


The White Dwarf – obviously – starts with the new Meganobz, which also builds a Big Mek with tellyport blasta or kustom force field. The result is…

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How To Add Perfect Space Wolves Decals With Citadel Technical Paints

How To Add Perfect Space Wolves Decals With Citadel Technical Paints

This is a tutorial on using two of Games Workshop’s Citadel technical paints – ‘Ardcoat and Lahmian Medium – to apply decals to miniatures.

The technique is the same, and I’ve talked about it earlier. I find it particularly useful for painting Space Wolves, as Games Workshop’s Space Wolves miniatures come with lots of cool decals (runes, etc..) that really bring out their character.

This painting…

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The Crimson Slaughter Supplement - A Review

The Crimson Slaughter Supplement – A Review

Crimson Slaughter

The Crimson Slaughter might be the last of the “old school” 6th Edition-style supplements, as “supplements” (or should that now be “sub-Codexes”?) from here on out appear to be stand-alone Militarum Tempestus style books.

The Crimson Slaughter book also has a bad rep, mostly because it exists, and the Night Lords/Iron Warriors/whatever-supplement doesn’t.

However, it is not really a bad…

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Rumours (?) New Games Workshop Realms of Battle Board Spotted!

Rumours (?) New Games Workshop Realms of Battle Board Spotted!

Citadel Realms of Battle Board
You’ve heard the rumours – Games Workshop is apparently making a new Realms of Battle Board with a more urban “Imperial Sector”-theme.

Now – thanks to the folks over at Lords of War Gaming, we have a first picture!

#1 – The Rumours So Far

Lords of War Gaming on April 30th

A new Realm of Battle board will be released with 7th edition. This board will have a “40k/City” theme and will be 6′ x 4′…

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